Full Certification Scheme

Full Certification Scheme of CIIPL is the strongest indicator of product conformity. Certified products are free to use applicable CIIPL Certification Marks under a certification agreement.The certification process involves evaluation of the manufacturing facilities, process technologies, quality assurance arrangements, in-process controls, competency of client’s technical personnel, combined with product testing in accredited independent laboratories. The certification mark assumes implementation of the agreed in-process quality checks on a continued basis. This scheme requires follow up activities including periodic surveillance inspections of the manufacturing facilities and periodic re-evaluation of the product. Products are sampled from the manufacturing premises as well as from the distribution chain under the control of the client, but not from the open market. This scheme has provisions for re-certification/ Renewal of certification as well as suspension and withdrawal of certification in case deviations are observed in product conformance or other terms of certification agreement.

Following certification marks logos are available for use as applicable:

  1. CII Safety Mark                 
  2. CII EMC Mark                    
  3. Performance Certification