Type Approval Schemes

Type Approval Scheme of CIIPL has been established to certify the designs against standards.  The scheme requires applicants to furnish a test sample and detail of critical components/design parameters so that the design, once certified, are frozen for these ingredients.

 The certification program evaluates the product design in two stages –

  1. conformance of the design (with applicable tolerances) with the applicable standard;
  2. testing of a prototype product against the applicable standard.

No factory evaluation is carried out and the certification is carried out based on the design declaration and prototype samples submitted by the applicant.  The evaluation leads to issue of certificate with a clear statement that the Certification is only for the design and not for conformance of the subsequent products manufactured in accordance with the design.

The Certification however allows the certified client to use the Certificate as evidence of design conformance such as in IECEE- CB scheme, or as part of the technical dossier for self-declaration of conformity for the CE Marking. Use of certification logo of CIIPL on the products is not a part of the Design Approval Scheme. Follow up surveillance is also not a part of this scheme.