Product Inspections

  • Inspections for the batch inspection (under Type 1b Scheme) of CIIPL.
  • Inspections against the customer requirements
  • Pre‐shipment/Consignment Inspections

Process Inspections

  • Factory inspections for product manufacturing process (initial and surveillance) for  Product Certification.
  • Inspection services provided to CIIPL & other Certified Bodies (CB’s) like VDE, SGS‐CEBEC, NEMKO etc.
  • Inspection services provided as Outsourced Agencies for regulators like BIS, Meity etc.

Field of Operation

CIIPL provides certification and inspection services in the following Scope sectors:

  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunication, Audio and Video engineering
  • Information Technology, Office machines
  • Rubber and plastic industries & Personal Protection equipment
  • Health care technology
  • Metrology and measurement, Physical phenomena
  • Mechanical systems and components for general use
  • Energy and heat Transfer Engineering
  • Material Handling Equipments
  • Chemical Technology
  • Domestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports
  • Biomedical Equipments
  • Batteries
  • Light and luminaries
  • Water Testing equipments
  • Image Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Construction materials and building
  • Health Protection. Safety