The post-virus business operations need a larger focus on hygiene conditions, health and safety of employees, customers and public at large. Measures taken to start opening up the economy in a staggered manner, need to be complimented  with a plan to make sure that exceptions are minimized and recurrences of spread are strategically isolated. To have sustained benefits of the earleir lockdowns, there has been a need to set standards/protocols for the business organizations, institutions etc. to ensure that they are able to operate safely with little or no instances of recurrence. These include:

  • Ensuring safe operations and workplace
  • Complying with all new COVID-19 related requirements from regulatory/health authorities and/or other Government bodies.
  • Ensuring business continuity to serve customers and protect businesses.

Conformity India International is enabled and Registered by Quality Counicl of India as an agency to conduct inspections and issue reports based on a harmonized standard - Workplace Assessment for Safety and Hygiene - (WASH), that has been developed by QCI in consultation with industry stakeholders. The Inspection report help the organizations assess their preparedness to restart and run their operations safely. The inspection report may enable the entity to build confidence among its workforce, clients and other service providers enagaged with it.

This standard is applicable for assessment at any workplace which has been allowed to operate.

View Inspection Checklist.

Details of the Scheme are as follows:

  1. WASH Scheme Document
  2. Standard and Guidance Document
  3. Scheme Process-Flow Document
  4. Site-Assessment Checklist & Report
  5. Fee Structure

The assessment can be done by Conformity India International as an on-site assessment or remotely through a virtual system of assessment by trained assessors. The assessment report generated will provide the applicant with an objective assessment of the safety and hygiene measures undertaken by them to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection.

To apply please fill and send this Application Form online to mktg@ciindia.in or contact 08889627762 / 8285099562

Application Form