Hygiene Rating Scheme and Right Place to Eat are recent schemes under Project Serve Safe(FSSAI), initiated to ensure that consumers make informed choices while eating out and encouraging food businesses to showcase and improve their food hygiene standards. It reflects the standards of food hygiene found on the date of inspection by the local authority or recognized audit agency.


Hygiene rating is a voluntary scheme applicable to food businesses supplying food directly to consumers either on or off the premises and food businesses are rated on the basis of food hygiene and safety conditions found at the time of inspection. This transparent scoring and rating process will allow FBOs to showcase their level of compliance and excellent food hygiene quality and enable consumers to make informed choices about the foods and the places where they would like to eat. Through these choices, Food businesses will get encouraged to improve their hygiene standards & thus reduce the incidence of food-borne illness.

The main purpose of the scheme is to:

  • Allow consumers to make an informed food choice about where to eat and cultivate Right eating habits
  • Encourage food businesses with high hygiene standards and to continue maintaining them and showcase the same to their consumers.
  • Motivate other food businesses having lower hygiene standards to improve.

Right Place to Eat

This scheme aims to bring about behavioral change among the people and ensure Food Security and Food Availability across every sector and thereby enriching every life. FBO with 4/5 in hygiene rating may volunteer for becoming a “Right Place to eat”. It is a voluntary initiative that can be undertaken by an FBO to add value to society and thereby increasing its own commercial viability.

Conformity India International is enabled and Registered by the FSSAI as an agency to conduct audit based on a HYGIENE RATING and RIGHT PLACE TO EAT scheme,

Details of the Scheme are as follows:

The assessment can be done by Conformity India International as an on-site assessment by trained assessors.

For more info contact mktg@ciindia.in or 08285099562