All decisions of Conformity India International Pvt. Ltd. (CIIPL) pertaining to certification and inspections are based on objective evidence collected during conformity assessment operations. They are not influenced by other interests or third parties and are independent of any pressures, influences of commercial, financial, or others. All Certification and inspection activities are discharged by avoiding conflict of interest and maintaining independence at the policy, organization, and operating levels.

It is the stated policy of Conformity India International Pvt. Ltd. that certification and inspection personnel shall discharge their functions impartially without fear of any retribution from senior management for all actions taken in good faith and diligence. Management is committed to supporting its staff engaged in conformity assessment activities against any internal and external pressures that may be seen as restricting in the fair discharge of their duties.

This policy is implemented by;

  • Creating mechanisms to identify and control impartiality, conflicts of interest, and independence issues for each conformity assessment system at all levels.
  • Creating awareness among personnel engaged in certification/ testing services on impartiality policy and its implementation.
  • Implementing mitigation measures in the organization that includes a combination of prohibitions, restrictions, process checks, and self-declarations.
  • Setting up an independent impartiality committee to review the impartiality-related risks and mitigating actions and for advising Conformity India International on additional and emerging risks and other mitigating actions.